Spring was born in North Carolina and first fell in love with photography at the age of eight as a result of being involved in 4-H.  When she saw her first images from a pinhole camera she had made, she was smitten. Spring has been working professionally for 23 years, collecting awards along the way for her work and sharing her knowledge through speaking engagements and workshops.

She taught herself camera basics and continues to use her talents and photographic experience in creating treasured images she shares with others. No matter what the subject matter, color filled or lacking, forgotten or newborn, there is emotion, unspoken stories and beauty within her works. Through her artistic photographic images, Spring creates pieces designed to light a spark in each viewer and to stimulate their own questions and emotions.

Currently, she is the ‘Head of the Table’ at Farm Table Creative in O’Fallon, Missouri. The Farm Table is an Art Collective where art gathers and community creates. She is joined by four other artists in the open studio space where they experiment individually but work together in creating an infectious creative environment.

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